Every English student knows that phrasal verbs can be a nightmare to learn. Phrasal verbs are verbs that are combined with a preposition, an adverb or both a preposition and an adverb. Though they are difficult to learn, they serve a very important purpose in the English language. They change the meaning of the root verb to give us a clearer understanding and more specific description of the action.


Are you using these 8 phrasal verbs in your everyday English?



setupW phrasal verbs

1. Set up

Definition: to arrange, organize or configure something


The boss set up a meeting with all of the employees on Friday.

They needed 10 people to set up the stage before the concert.

I got a new phone today, can you help me set it up?



2. Pick out

Definition: to choose something from various options


I went shopping and picked out 4 dresses to try on.

Dave picked out the thief from the group of suspects.

My boyfriend picked out the perfect birthday present for me.



matchingW phrasal verbs

3. Go with

Definition: if something goes with another thing, it means that they suit each other or look good together


Do these shoes go with my dress?

I don’t think the new sofa goes with the other furniture in the living room.

This music doesn’t go with the mood of the party.



4. Ask out

Definition: to invite someone on a date


John asked Judy out on a date this Saturday.

Pete asked me out, but I’m not interested so I declined.

Sarah asked Brian out to dinner and a movie.


 brokenW phrasal verbs

5. Break up

Definition: to end a relationship


We broke up because we weren’t happy together anymore.

My girlfriend broke up with me and I’m heartbroken.

I’m going to break up with Dan because he treats me badly.



6. Give away

Definition: to give something to somebody for free


The library is giving away books this weekend.

I’m going to give away my old clothes to charity.

Sorry, I don’t have any more cookies. I gave them all away.



ideaW phrasal verbs

7. Find out

Definition: to discover, to realize or to become aware of something


She found out about the surprise party because Sarah told her.

I just found out that I got an A on my exam!

The scientists are doing experiments to find out if their hypotheses are correct.



8. Give up

Definitions: to stop trying or to quit a habit


She gave up smoking one month ago.

I’ve been trying to solve this math problem for an hour, I give up!

He gave up learning the clarinet because he wasn’t improving.


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