School Year in USA

A Year Abroad

A school year abroad is a complete course in academic, linguistic and cultural immersion. The student lives with a host family and studies in an american school amongst other students, becoming an authentic family member. It’s an incredible and enriching experience.

You will meet new friends, you will learn a language in one of the best cities in the world and you will go above and beyond your expectations with new experiences every day. A year abroad is not only perfecting a language and learning a new education system, you will learn to trust in yourself and will broaden your horizons. You will discover new places, cultures and situations





The US government supervises the Student Exchange Programs, granting them official recognition. It’s a tradition and an honor for the country that so many foreign students have the desire to learn their customs, people and lifestyle. Because of this, all the program’s mechanisms are controlled and supervised by the US Department of State, government entity, and CSIET (Council of Standards for Educational International Travel), with its focus on smooth functioning both for the students, for the host families and the schools in which they study. The students have to obtain a Student Visa to enter the US. This visa is only provided by recognised organisations by the Department of State of the United States.



The School System

The american school system is not that different from ours, despite the broad territorial expansion. High School begins in grade ( (3 ESO) and finishes in grade !2 (2 ESO). The main differences can be found in the distribution of subjects throughout the years.

There is a wide range of subject matters in every branch, and students have flexibility when it comes to assigning their academic program, which they do with the help of an academic tutor, in terms of their future plans. Schools count on a dedicated staff, passionate about their work and motivated to push their students to do their very best.



American Families

American families are known for their great generosity and their ability to host a foreign student and treat them as their own child. We deal with open families who are delighted to share their culture, traditions, language, home and lifestyle with other people.



Family Selection

We put together our family selection with the help of an official organization, approved by the US Department of State. The coordinators of said organization are located all over the country and are in charge of personally interviewing families interested in the Student Exchange Program, visiting their homes and getting to know the family members.


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